Workout Warriors: Gym Junkie vs Pavement Pounder

Colder days mean getting motivated to work out on a regular basis is harder, but thanks to the newest generation of Reebok shoes we found two workout warriors who haven’t skipped a beat on their work out routine!

Meet our gym junkie and Remix Digital Editor Kate Milliken who took the Reebok Flexweave Speed TRs for a spin.

If you could describe your workout personality what would it be?

"Determined and competitive!"


Do you find working out in the winter harder?

"I exercise in the morning so to be honest it’s just getting out of bed! This is why class exercise is so good, with F45 for example you have to book into classes so you have more accountability to show up! Same with having a personal trainer or yoga class, sometimes it’s as simple as having something booked in that gets you out of bed. But on those cold dark mornings it's definitely a struggle!


What do you change in your workout routine when the temperature drops?

"Not a lot really, I’m an all year-round gym girl and when it gets colder its super important to stretch, which is why yoga is a great complimentary class."

As a gym bunny what do you look for in a workout shoe?

"Light-weight, durable, and they have to look good!"


First impressions of the Flexweave Speed TRs?

"So light-weight! Ideal for the gym as you can jump around without feeling weighed down, also nice and aerated so my feet didn’t get too hot."

What keeps you motivated to work out?

"I feel such a change in my mental capacity when I work out in the morning. I’m someone who naturally has a lot of energy, so if I don’t work out in the morning I find it really hard to focus during the day. I know I’m not getting the best out of myself if I don’t go; fit body fit at mind!"


Do you have a favourite gym work out?

"At the moment it’s F45, I go to the Newmarket gym and they are all so motivating! Two days are never the same and I love that about it."


We head down south to chat to our resident runner Lloyd Steward who has been testing the terrain with his new Reebok Flexweave Floatrides. No stranger to a run come rain, snow or shine Lloyd has completed some notable challenges including Coast to Coast, Iron Man and the Queenstown Marathon. Training includes endurance runs of up to 5 hours at a time, making his footwear an absolute essential for success!


If you could describe your workout personality what would it be?

"The Lone Ranger. I always (not on purpose) seem to workout on my own. I really enjoy having a workout buddy but it’s always nice to wind down at the end of the day on a run."


Do you find working out in the winter harder?

"Yes definitely, but it is so much more satisfying! You can’t slack off in winter on your workout routine as you are immediately on the back foot trying to burn off the winter coat come summer time."


As a runner what do you look for in a running shoe?

"Comfort is a top priority, and weight; the lighter the shoe the better. It’s a bonus if your kicks look good!"

First impressions of the Flexweave Floatrides?

"Not only is a great looking shoe, but it's lightweight and breathable, which is what I need for my long training hours."


What keeps you motivated to work out?

"Health! And maintaining a good fitness level – it's easy to lose and hard to hard to get back."


Do you tend to pound the pavement or run off the beaten track? 

"I do both. I prefer outdoor running as we have such beautiful off trail runs in the South Island and I love being outdoors. However pounding the pavement is always a good fallback option."


How do you change up your training routine for your endurance events?

"My training routine gets more intense leading up to an event. It also means dividing up my time to make sure each discipline gets enough attention."

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