What you can expect from the Caci Clinic Skin Health Plan

Remix beauty editor Kate Milliken shares her experience on Caci’s Reformaskin treatment plan.

There are very few things I enjoy more than a facial. Nothing compares to the fresh, glowy feeling you get walking out of a spa after a treatment. But as we all lead increasingly busy lives, it’s hard to find the time to get them – and we often delay booking one as a result. This is what makes Caci’s Reformaskin plan such a worthwhile investment, the team at Caci will book you in for tailored treatments every three weeks! There’s no better surprise then getting that little text reminding you about your blissful appointment the following day.


Skin health has always been a priority for me, having a mum who has always been extremely pedantic about skin care made me learn the importance of looking after your skin from a young age. Because of this – my skin has, by most standards, been pretty good. My skin is normal to dry and I’ve been lucky enough to not have any severe acne in my lifetime. However, at the beginning of this year (probably due to having a few too many brews, but regardless) I started to experience quite severe breakouts around my chin and jawline. I tried everything from multiple skin care brands, removed dairy from my diet, I even resorted to prescription medicine in a bid to regain my former skin. Nothing worked. Months went by and I felt myself becoming more and more self-conscious about my condition, I knew that not wearing makeup would improve it, but I simply did not have the confidence to go bare faced to work.


I thought it might be time to get the professionals involved, I knew someone who had been on the Caci skin health plan with great results so I decided to give it a go at their Graham Street clinic (there are over 40 across the country!). The plan offers 15 treatments a year, and your Beauty Therapist will tailor these to suit your concerns at the time.

My first facial was a Sonophoresis Infusion where the therapist will use ultrasound technology to infuse ingredients into the deeper layers of the skin. You will LOVE this treatment! It’s so relaxing and you leave with skin resembling an infant. Because our skin creates a tight seal to protect itself against external elements, the low frequency sound waves help to break through this – allowing for the treatment serum to penetrate more deeply into the skin.

Next was the Microdermabrasion a resurfacing treatment to improve skin texture and reduce congestion. Things I noticed straight away: reduced pore size on my nose and I noticed a decrease in my breakout’s STRAIGHT AWAY!

I’ve also had LED Light Therapy which I found the least relaxing, but most effective at clearing acne, it also makes your skin appear nice and tight!

My therapist has also performed several bespoke skin correcting facials using products she thought would benefit my skin.

The result: my acne has entirely cleared up. I might get one pimple every 2-3 weeks! My skin also feels more hydrated and appears smoother.


What you can expect: The thing I loved the most about being on the Caci plan was how much the staff at the clinic know you and your skin. Each and every time you go they will ask you questions on whether your previous concerns have improved and enquire into whether the products have helped. My experience at Caci always feels personal, they take a vested interest in getting the best results possible. You can tell that they have taken the time to closely examine your file which makes you feel like you’re in great hands -which you are! I couldn’t recommend the skin plan enough – I feel like a new woman!

The cost: The plan starts from $25 per week, which I personally never noticed coming out of my account – and it makes the treatments feel free when you go! Paying small increments over a long period makes the plan super affordable. You will also get other perks such as two complimentary treatments, 20% off beauty therapy, and 10% off Skinsmiths skincare products.