Glittering beauty trends fit for the holiday season

Whether you are giving wonderful gifts, hanging marvellous decorations, wearing your ugliest festive sweater, or eating (and drinking) copious amounts, there is no doubt that the holiday season is all about going above and beyond. From family dinner parties and Christmas work functions, to dancing away the evenings with your gal pals, it's definitely a busy time of year. However, this also means there are plenty of excuses to get glam and go glittery with your makeup looks. 

As the gorgeous Blake Lively said 'I wear a lot more glitter around the holidays... It's the holidays - everything is more twinkly and celebratory.' And we couldn't agree more. There's no denying that glitter makeup is fun, festive and perfect for this time of year but as a side of caution, remember to always use cosmetic glitter as it is safe for the eyes and face. 

Now for the fun stuff! Check out our top beauty trends for the festive season:

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Glitter Cut Crease

This may be the hardest look to perfect, but when you do you'll be feeling like a million dollars. A smokey eye with a silver glitter cut crease is sure to impress even the biggest makeup lovers, and that little flick of glitter adds to the festive feeling. 

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Grunge Gold Foiled Eyes

Now we know Christmas isn't the best time for grunge glam but we couldn't just look past this one. The matte black smoky eye contrasted with the gold foil in the centres is the perfect look for the daring girl. Not only will the champagne be popping but so will your beautiful eyes. 

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Glitter brows

Brows have been all the craze of the beauty world this year so we could totally get on board with this trend. Whether you like your brows bushy or sleek, adding that line of glitter underneath will definitely take your brow game to the next level. And, let's be honest, who doesn't want fab brows? 

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Glitter eyelashes

If you can't seem to master the eyeshadow looks, then this glitter beauty trend is for you. Choose a coloured glitter that pairs well with your eye colour to make your eyes pop. While this does look slightly uncomfortable with loose glitter, you can opt for glitter mascara - a lighter, easy-to-use option and more comfortable option for the eyes. 

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Glitter lips

As if we couldn't be any more obsessed with bold red lips, add a touch of glitter and we are completely mesmerised. Paired with simple eyes (even just a touch of mascara) and natural skin, this look is sure to turn heads at any Christmas event. Yes, it may be hard to sip on your bubbles, but we think it's totally worth the struggle. If you're searching for that perfect red lip to pop underneath the glitter, look no further than the Nutcracker Sweet Red Lipstick Kit from the MAC Cosmetics Holiday collection.


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Gold foil hair parting

Glitter in the hair parting has been rocked time and time again by festival-goers, but the gold foil adds a touch of elegance, class and sophistication. Paired with gold jewellery and a dazzling dress, this subtle beauty look is perfect for an evening holiday event. We love it!

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Glitter under eyes

So we must admit this look is a little daring, but what better way to make a statement at your work Christmas party than with this bold makeup. The key here is to keep all the focus on the eyes. Paired with natural skin and lips, a simple hairstyle and a little black dress, you'll be feeling both festive and fierce. 

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Gold glitter eyes

This simple glam makeup is perfect for the festive season. The pop of gold glitter with a bold wing, long lashes and matte skin is an ideal look for every girl at any evening event. We understand the struggle to get that perfect wing - it takes a lot of time and effort. But the precision tip of the Limitless Liquid Liner Pen from Smashbox Cosmetics makes all those eyeliner struggles disappear. 

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Glitter freckles 

Okay, so we know that stick-on freckles made our list of weird things that happened in 2016, but we just couldn't look past this happy, fun-loving look. Whether you're attending summer holiday music festivals or attending a party with the pals, this look is sure to get people smiling. As if freckles couldn't get any cuter! 

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Simple glitter lashes and brows

This beauty look is probably the most simple on this list. The silver glitter will brighten up your eye area beautifully while reminding everyone of the twinkling fairy light on Franklin Road. It's cute, it's simple and it's both wearable and achievable for every girl wanting to sparkle. 


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