Sephora announces New Zealand opening date

Attention all beauty lovers! Globalbeauty giant Sephora is heading to the heart of Auckland City. Finally releasing the opening date of their first New Zealand brick-and-mortar store, Sephora Queen street will be opening Saturday, July 20th. 


The pre-opening festivities started last weekend, with Sephora's bold black and white striped double-decker beauty bus parked up in Christchurch, allowing beauty goers to swatch, touch and trial products. But don't worry fans around the country, they are spending the next 2 weeks getting up shop. Visiting Wellington, Hamilton and finally landing in Auckland to give local beauty fans two-days of makeup play before the main event. 


Sephora will be getting the party started on Queen St from 7 am on Saturday 20th July. Providing sounds by the 2 of Auckland's hottest Dj’s, Soroya and Andy Heart Throb. If there's one piece of advice Remix will give, its to be one the first 500 people in line to receive a Zoeva premier eye shadow palette. If you are worried about the cold early start, don't be, Sephora has all thing covered. Sephora will be pumping out coffee and hot chocolates, alongside a crepe cart (keeping up with their French heritage of course) to those in line. 


This is just the start for Sephora in New Zealand and there is no doubt they are going to take over and were so all for it. Bring on the next beauty generation! 



  • Oldins Plaza, Wellington Waterfront- 12-4pm, 10th & 11th July 
  • Gardens Place, Hamilton- 12-4pm, 13th July 
  • The Base, Hamilton- 12-4pm, 14th July 
  • Sylvia Park, Auckland- 12-4pm, 17th July 
  • The Viaduct, Auckland- 12-4pm, 18th July