Our beauty obsession: Eye of Horus

Award-winning makeup brand, Eye of Horus cosmetics is on a mission to make every woman feel like a Goddess and we, for one, cannot get enough of their gorgeous range of products! Based in Byron Bay, Australia and developed by Holly Spierings, Amy Lennane, and Nicole Spierings, the brand takes inspiration from the ancient Egyptians who used natural ingredients to create iconic, dramatic eye looks which were believed to have magical, protective powers.
Not only are the natural oils and waxes used in the Eye of Horus range nourishing for sensitive eyes, but their products are also paraben and cruelty-free! 
Eye of Horus cosmetics focuses exclusively on eye products ranging from intense liquid liners, brow definers, highly pigmented eye shadows, and alluring eye pencils, but our favourite product has to be their Goddess mascara! This popular mascara comes in two colours, jet black or Babylon brown, and achieves maximum coverage, length and volume while protecting and nourishing the lashes.
The natural formula includes Organic Moringa Oil, which was sought after by ancient Egyptians and Pharaohs for its regenerating, protective, and antioxidant powers. The Goddess Mascara is ideal for women on-the-go, like ourselves, as it doesn’t clump, smudge or run.
You can find out more about the Eye of Horus brand and their beautiful products here.