Remix trend report: Jaime Ridge spills her beauty secrets

Jamie Ridge We sat down with one of the leading ladies in beauty, Jaime Ridge to talk through a few of her beauty tips and tricks, and how she keeps those luscious lips looking as good as they do.

  What’s your favourite look for lips right now? What’s the trend this season? I am currently loving a beautiful fresh faced natural look with a gorgeous balm or nude lip. A more natural look is being adopted in the world of beauty, which is perfect for me as I have always swayed towards a fresh face. I am also loving subtle ombre lips! I am not a huge lipstick wearer myself, but an ombre lip is terribly fun! Do you have any secrets when it comes to your lips? There is no secret! I can’t deal with the feeling of having dry lips, so I constantly keep them hydrated. As I tend to adopt a more natural approach towards makeup, I usually mix up my daytime lip products between Rawleigh’s, MAC Lip Conditioner Hydratant and Chanel Hydra Beauty Nourishing Lip Care. A night out often means I prep my lips with a hydrating balm, so my lips are nice and moisturised, then I add a touch of lip colour over the top. My lips are rather big, so to avoid drawing attention to them I don’t opt for intense pops of colour, but I do quite like a rose-tinted or nude lip. What are your favourite products for your lips at the moment? I can’t possibly pick one! There are far too many! We are so spoilt for choice in the world of lip products. I am loving my Topshop Lips in Innocent and Topshop Lip Ombre in Perplex. Also MAC Plushglass in Big Baby and MAC Lip Conditioner Hydratant, Benefit Posie Balm, Chanel Hydra Beauty Nourishing Lip Care and Smashbox lipstick in Primrose. Oh snd Rawleigh’s of course!