Shiseido’s WASO collection was made for millennials 

To all the millennials out there, this one’s for you! 

Shiseido’s latest offering celebrates the beauty of simplicity, and has been expertly designed to designed to empower and treat millennial’s skin. 

Drawing inspiration from the brand’s distinct Japanese heritage, WASO harnesses the power of natural ingredients like carrots to promote a healthy visage.  Carrots?! Yes, you heard right. The Washoku philosophy, which typically applies to Japanese cuisine, comes in to play with the authentically Japanese skincare line.

These active ingredients are extracted using Shiseido’s unique Whole Cell Release System W, which recruits the raw actives in each hero botanical to work their magic on skin.

What’s in a name? WASO derives from two Japanese words, [WA] meaning gentleness and harmony, and [SO] which stands for inspiration.  

Boasting next-level campaign imagery, WASO highlights five brand ambassadors in the Japanese wilderness, to demonstrate the confidence, diversity and power of youth. 

The simple, natural and glowing suite of WASO products includes four beautifying moisturisers, as well as a hydrating cream, polisher, cleanser and lotion. Each product is designed to address all skin ailments 20-somethings face, including dryness, oiliness and visible pores.  

Check out our top picks of WASO products you’ll find living in our bathroom this Spring:

Clear Mega-hydrating Cream 
Good things come in small packages, right? Although this cream looks a lot like a gel, and will keep skin plumped, hydrated and nourished.  

Color-smart Day Moisturizer 
Consider this your secret weapon for nourished and bright skin, plus it features a dash of SPF30… you can’t really go wrong with this one. Highlighting carrots as the hero ingredient, this hydration heavyweight will keep the skin looking healthy and refreshed

Quick Matte Moisturizer Oil-free 
Oily skin? Say no more! Wave goodbye to excess oil production by adding this mattifying moisturiser to your daily skin regimen. 

Color-smart Day Moisturizer Oil-free 
If you’re after an all-in-one magic weapon, this loquat leaf-derived product can do the trick! Oil-free, hydrates, brightens and mattifies... Check! It also contains SPF30 and a tone-adapting tint, this smooth cream is a beauty must-have. 

Softy + Cushy Polisher 
This gentle and creamy polish will refresh and rejuvenate your face.  Made from soy beans, this whipped tofu-like formula will leave every inch of your skin feeling fresh and smooth.

Quick Gentle Cleanser 
Need to remove makeup and dirt at the end of your work day? This honey-like gel will remove makeup and foam without water, and leave skin beautifully clear and makeup-free

Fresh Jelly Lotion
White jelly mushrooms are the hero of this hydrating gel lotion, which works to plump the skin’s surface. Like a sponge, it holds onto water and keeps your face ultra-dewy. Yes!

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Keen to try Shiseido’s new WASO collection for yourself? Lucky you! We have five WASO Clear Mega-hydrating creams valued at $69.00, to give away! Head over to our Facebook page for details of how to enter. Wave goodbye to all of your skin problems and say hello to WASO! 

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