The new Juicy Couture fragrance is here!

For years now, Juicy Couture has been making a statement with it's range of bold fragrances, and their new drop is no exception! 

The newly released fragrance named ‘I JUICY COUTURE’ has an unforgettable presence, said to make heads turn and be remembered long after the first spray! The iconic shaped bottle, featuring a fun leopard print design and embellished with dainty gold chains, exudes glamour and elegance - just like the fragrance itself.

The new scent combines a delicious mix of fruit and vanilla, with top notes of apple and mandarin combined with jasmine petals and pink honeysuckle in the middle, finishing with beautiful whipped amber and musks.

To find out more about the new fragrance, we talked to perfumer Honorine Blanc of Firmenich below…

What is the inspiration behind I ♥ JUICY COUTURE?  
I was very inspired by the Juicy Couture girl, who is feminine and sophisticated, but loves to break the rules.  She is full of life, enjoying every moment with a lively spark and playful attitude.  With this fragrance, I wanted to capture her personality and create something that triggered the same happiness and joy of life that she exudes.

How is I ♥ JUICY COUTURE different than I AM JUICY COUTURE? 
I ♥ JUICY COUTURE differs from I AM JUICY COUTURE in that it brings the Juicy Couture girl into modern luxury.  She lives in the space where happiness, luxury and sophistication intersect.  The rebellious spirit of I AM is softened with the smile of I ♥.  The Candied Amber of I AM becomes light and fluffy, transforming into Whipped Amber in I ♥. 

Explain how the notes in the fragrance reflect the I  JUICY COUTURE girl.  
The lively, fun and slightly mischievous attitude of the I ♥ JUICY COUTURE girl is reflected in the top. Bright, sunny notes of Mandarin and Red Currant display her confidence, while the naughty and nice dynamic of Taffy Apple reveals her playful side.  Beautiful, feminine blossoms of Jasmine, Tiger Lily and Pink Honeysuckle showcase her sophisticated elegance, whereas sexy Patchouli and Whipped Amber bring her into the world of modern luxury with a dose of sensuality. 

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