This product will have you one step closer to becoming a unicorn

It seems everywhere you look these days the 'unicorn' vibe is taking over. From unicorn toast, to unicorn hair, to all other manner of unicorn-inspired things, it seems we can't seem to shake off our obsession with all things glittery and bright. 

Cue a product launch that will transform you into a My Little Pony-esque being in mere minutes. Frank Body is about to release what sounds like one of their best and most exclusive products yet - The Shimmer Scrub. Building on their already cult collective of coffee-based exfoliants and skincare, this scrub features a caffeine-free base combination. 

Let granules of salt and sugar buff away dead skin and boost your circulation, all while promoting a smoother visage and eliminating cellulite (and yes, we're serious - these scrubs work wonders on orange peel skin, trust us we've tried it). 

But the main ingredient which gives you a unicorn-esque look is mica, which leaves a shimmery finish behind to achieve a long-lasting glow. 

The sassy souls at Frank Body HQ describe this new product as a 'highlighter for your body' which has us all sold. Added bonus: the packaging is about as glowy as your skin's about to be.

But you'd better get in quick, this limited edition scrub won't be around for long! Pro tip: sign up for their online notifications, or enter their online competition to be one of the first owners to scrub up with this.

Did I mention it's shimmery and glowing?

The Frank Body Shimmer Scrub is available online at, or in-store at Mecca Maxima in Christchurch and Wellington from 1st May.