5 beauty resolutions to adopt this new year

As the hangover begins to fade, and the new year period fizzles out, the time comes to relax, reflect, and reset. A new year means new goals, routines and resolutions, that despite the best of intentions, we often struggle to stick to. So, why not make 2022 the year of selfcare with a more indulgent resolution and higher promise of sticking to? To inspire your goal setting, we have five beauty, hair and nail resolutions we will hold you to.


Here are a few popular, practical and super achievable beauty resolutions that we challenge you to adopt for the next year. 



Clean your makeup brushes 

To clean or not to clean? Is it really a question? Makeup brushes are a breeding ground for bacteria and the more you procrastinate cleaning them, the more nasties you are spreading on your face. Despite this, even the biggest beauty gurus admit to not cleaning their brushes. Experts recommend cleaning your brushes at least monthly. If you’re short on time or just can’t be bothered, bring them in the shower with you, put a hair mask on and lather them up with a gentle shampoo while it sets in. You'll be putting a stop to breakouts and enabling a longer brush life. Thank us later.



Drop the heat

Drop it like it's hot -whether that be the hair straighteners or the hot shower, we encourage reducing it all together to protect your hair and increase those good hair days. Hot showers and tools strip the heat of natural oils leading to hair breakage, which is why your new year challenge is to restrict all straightener and curler usage to twice a week, while simultaneously reducing showering in hot water. 



Sunblock is your friend

She is beauty, she is grace, she puts sunblock on her face. Block the haters this new year, by blocking up and blocking out the sun. Sun protection is beyond important and will put a stop to those forehead wrinkles coming through, that's fact. Yes, sunblock is a drag to apply, but SPF tinted moisturizer has got you covered (literally). We dare you to use an SPF face product or even the full-face sunblock every day, the results will save you in the years to come, trust us.



Double up on the cleansing

2022 is the year of two’s, and what says two more than a double cleanse. Yes, the two-step process requires investment into two cleansers; the first being oil-based and the second being water-based. However, health is wealth, and your skin is going to be the Bill Gates of skin once you implement the double cleanse. The two-step cleanse will remove makeup, oil, and dead skin a whole lot more than you’re used to. So, let's double up and double down on reducing breakouts by double cleansing daily this year.


Nail care

Shabby cuticles, chipped polish, and broken nails are so last year. For those that bite their nails or cuticle pick, this is your official PSA to put your best foot forward and put your hands first this new year. We encourage the use of gel nail polish and cuticle oil to kick those damaging stress habits, while recommending taping your nails as much as possible throughout the day to increase nail strength.