Your new summer signature scent: Always Red Femme

Every woman has a signature scent which they will always love and go back to time and time again. Her go-to perfume which makes her feel feminine, sexy and intriguing while reflecting the lifestyle that she leads.

Elizabeth Arden’s latest fragrance in their Always Red range is the perfect scent for women who lead a busy lifestyle while setting the pace of the city around her. Expertly crafted for the bold, feminine, trendsetting and ambitious woman, Always Red Femme is full of spirit, energy, and passion – a direct reflection of the lady who wears it.

A seamless blend of blackcurrant bud, pear and lemon results in a refreshing and vibrant scent while evolving notes of jasmine, peach blossom, vanilla, patchouli, and cedarwood add warmth and depth to this new signature scent.

Always Red Femme will not only reflect the power, grace, fearlessness and feminity of the woman who wears it but will leave an unforgettable mark on all those who encounter her.

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