Our 10 favourite Gossip Girl moments to celebrate 10 years!

Can you really believe it's been 10 years since our favourite TV series aired!? Gossip Girl hit our screens on the 19th of September 2007 and quickly rose to pop culture icon status.

And admit it, you know you've watched the whole series more than once, maybe even twice, in the decade since we were first introduced to Blair, Selena and the GG crew. 

To get your nostalgic vibes going all over again, we've gathered up our favourite moments from the show that all GG fans will seriously appreciate!

1. Three words, Eight letters
When Chuck finally said 'I Love You' to Blair, hearts all over the world swooned over their fairytale romance! 

2. Serena and Nate's secret rendezvous
Wow, what a way to start of a season! Nobody knows why Serena left the Upper East Side, but when we find out we were all hooked and had to find out what happened next. 

3. Blair's princess dream is shattered 
Blair always deserved to be a princess in our eyes, so when Louis said at their wedding that it was all for show - we we're all heartbroken for Blair. 

4. Lonely boy becomes a daddy
When evil Georgina returned and told Dan she had given birth to his child, jaws were dropping!!

5. Ivy Dickens or Charlie Rhodes?
Just another scheme in the lives of the Upper East Side, turns out Serena's aunty paid Charlie Rhodes to pretend to be their cousin in order to receive CC's fortune. 

6. Chuck and Blair's car crash 
Whilst running away from Blair's wedding, Chuck and Blair ended up in a crash which left us all unsure of their survival! Talk about a stressful episode. 

7. Bart Bass dies. Again.
So when Bart came back from the dead, that was shock enough. Then when Blair and Chuck were left with the decision of helping him or not, we would count this as one of the most memorable moments of the series. 

8. Chuck and Blair's wedding
The couple we had been rooting for the whole series finally gets married!! 

9. Five years later
In the series finale we find out how all of our favourite Upper East Sider's end up. Nate is running for mayor of NYC, Chuck and Blair are married with a son, Rufus and Lilly are together, Georgina and Uncle Jack are together and Serena and Dan are getting married! 

10. Gossip Girl is revealed!
The series could not end without us discovering that Gossip Girl is in fact Lonely Boy - Dan Humphries himself! 

And now there's an 80% chance you're about to go watch it all over again. Not that we blame you...