8 times DJ Khaled's son was more successful than you

It’s 9am at Miami International Airport and another Gulfstream G650 private jet touches down on the tarmac. The executive producer of what will most likely be one of the biggest rap collaboration albums of 2017 has arrived. This young media/music mogul has already collaborated with musical superstars and fashion designers as well as organize philanthropic events for communities before the age of 1.

Asahd Khaled is, by all accounts, more than just a reduced version of DJ Khaled imprinted on a baby’s body, he’s also very successful in his own right. Here are eight times that Asahd  Khaled was probably more successful than you:

 1. Asahd attends the Grammy's. Unconfirmed reports say that Asahd was the main inspiration for many of the Grammy winners' albums. 

2. Asahd starts learning piano and is given lessons by Alicia Keys and her husband Swizz Beatz. We’re quite certain that makes him the next Beethoven.  

 3. Asahd is the executive producer of his father’s upcoming album, GRATEFUL. Unsubstantiated reports from WE THE BEST music records confirm that Asahd  chose to spell the album title in capital letters. Genius.

 4. “Aunty” Kim Kardashian West and “Uncle” Kanye West send free Yeezys to Asahd . He's now the "guy who knows a guy." Free cars to follow.

 5. Asahd sits down to produce tracks on the GRATEFUL album. Learning his work ethic from Uncle Kanye we see.

 6. Asahd  drives a Bentley. Nuff said.

 7. Asahd  starts a book drive in Miami to benefit underprivileged youth. Unconfirmed reports state that Miami is now the most literate state in the US.

 8. Asahd  becomes cover art for the latest Jay-Z and Beyonce song named “Shining.” Unconfirmed reports have confirmed that most people on Spotify only play this song because Asahd’s face is on the cover.

Bless up.