The cultural landmarks of the future

Cities are often known for their landmarks and in an ever-modernising world, these landmarks just become more and more incredible. 

They become platforms for showing what a city has to offer and governments pull out all the stops in building new institutions for maximum effect. 

Check out these four new examples of landmarks that inspire awe. 

The Elbphilharmoie, Hamburg


The Elbphilharmoie is a new concert venue which also houses 45 apartments. Taking over a decade to build, it's incredible exteriors contrast with the rest of the buildings in the city. 

Beyazit Public Library, Istanbul 


As one of the oldest capitals in the Old World, preserving its wealth of heritage buildings is one of Istanbul’s fortes, the Beyazit Public Library is a great example of this.

M+ Pavilion, Hong Kong


This is an ambitious urban project that will create a complex of theaters and performance spaces set amidst 23 hectares of public open space, which promises to be one of the largest contemporary art museums in the world.

Bundner Kunstmuseum, Switzerland


Designed by Barcelona firm Barozzi Veiga, the cuboid is a conscious break from the original wing of the museum, housed in the neighboring 18th-century Villa Planta.