The new must-see film, Suicide Squad

Breaking out of the mould of convention, Warner Brothers’ new film Suicide Squad instead focuses on the uprising of the bad, because superheroes can’t always be around to come to the rescue!

Based on characters from DC Comics, the new highly anticipated blockbuster directed by David Ayer, best known for Fury and End of Watch, follows the recruitment of a bunch of dangerous imprisoned villains, hired by a secret agency to execute a black ops mission in exchange for clemency - if they succeed, the villains get their prison sentence reduced but if they do not, they are each written off.

Starring a diverse cast, such as Will Smith, Oscar winner Jared Leto as the the baddest baddie ‘The Joker’, Australian super babe Margot Robbie, and our favourite model-turned-actress Cara Delevingne, Suicide Squad is teaming up to be the movie of the year.

It’s also been rumoured that Bruce Wayne may make an appearance to kick some ass…

Suicide Squad hits the screens nationwide on the 4th of August so get excited to follow these super villains on a rocky journey.

Check out the trailer below and head here for more info.