remix catches up the with the leers

By Flora Cheng How long have you guys been together for and where did you all meet? I think it was 5 years ago? We all met and started playing together at Mt Maunganui college in our grom days. How would you describe your musical style? Its always hard for us to describe our sound. its so hard to nail down specifics, and every song has its own sound especially in Pockets, but for a vague answer we've been dubbed "Alt-Pop." You'll just have to decide for yourself. let us know what you come up with haha You guys moved up from the Mt to Auckland to release your debut EP, was it difficult leaving home for the big smoke? It was really cool at the time. Coming from Mt Maunganui everything was so big, new and exciting but you adapt pretty quickly. i think the hardest part was the crappy four bedroom apartment we lived in. you could literally touch all four walls of my room while standing in the center. What was it like having your single ‘Shame Shame Shame’ go to the #1 spot on the 95bFM TOP 10? It was a strange thing for us because that particular song had been around for years but it was really encouraging to see people discovering and enjoying an early song by us You guys have just released your sophomore EP titled ‘Pockets’. Is there a meaning behind that name? Names are always hard for us. we really like choosing names that have no connotations so they're almost a blank canvas and take on the meaning of the thing we attach them to, but Pockets came from the name of a cat haha What was it like working with legendary musical whiz-kid James Dansey? There's few things better then working with friendly and very passionate people and thats exactly what Dansey is. it was an amazing opportunity to work with him and even just hang out with him. Your recently released single ‘Come With Us’ has been adapted into a music video by Director/Writer/Comedian Tom Furniss from Grand Cheval. Can you tell us about the music video and how it all came about? For everyone that doesn't know Tom he is an incredibly funny human being, we've always wanted to work with him so that when we did do our first music video it was more similar to the comedy skits that he's known for with Grand Cheval. We gave him full creative reign and he took us to a forest and made us dance and drink dishwashing detergent. You’ve also been on the NZ Summer Festival circuit having played at Rhythm and Vines, Music In Parks and Summer Fest. How has that been for you guys? One thing that blew me away at these shows, and in paticular RnV, is that i would've gone to these Festivals to see the bands and acts and hang out with my mates. The fact that im able to not only do so but also play our music before or alongside them still amazes me. LIFE IS GOOD! What do you guys like to do in your downtime? We're all pretty musically obsessed haha. When im not playing or rehearsing im writing lyrics or poetry. at the moment im glued to a midi keyboard but apart from that we play A LOT of table tennis. Any big and exciting plans on the horizon for The Leers? Well we've already written half of what will be our first album and the rest of the material is coming along nicely. but i think it would be amazing to play a few shows overseas.