the delicisou new vaione gin

Vaione GinTeam Remix have been known to get pretty rowdy on occasion and enjoy a cheeky G&T once in a while… To celebrate the completion of our latest issue and the end of another stressful deadline, we got amongst a bottle of Vaione Gin last week and were nothing short of impressed! Produced from a factory in Auckland, Vaione is a gin that can be enjoyed by traditional gin drinkers, as well as those searching for a white spirit with complexity. It is a properly produced spirit, clean, fresh, well-balanced and very drinkable. Originating from the Pacific Islands, Vaione is a gin with history as unique as its citrus taste. There is a high level of citrus with no lingering sweetness and NO added sugar. It is fuller in the mouth than most dry gins, right to the last drop. It has excellent balance with a hint of Juniper and Angelic dryness at the finish. The process has been a real labour of love and because of the tightly held secrets around the  methodology of gin manufacture, it has taken founders John and Anthony more than a decade of pain-staking development to make this a truly premium well balanced gin. We can confidently say their work has paid off, because these boys have developed a seriously delicious spirit with Vaione Gin. Jump over to for more information on Vaione Premium Pacific Gin!