The secret meanings behind Gaga's SuperBowl performance

Expectations were exceedingly high for Lady Gaga's Super Bowl halftime show - after all, the pop singer had spent months preparing and teasing fans on Instagram. Would she revive her infamous meat dress? Arrive in an alien-esque pod carried by a bevvy of shirtless models? Or don a top-to-toe pink power suit a la her latest album, Joanne? It was anyone's guess. 

Well, her epic 13-minute performance certainly did not disappoint. The pint-sized blonde blew the roof off of Houston's NRG Stadium on Sunday evening, belting out her most popular and powerful tunes. 


Critics expected Gaga to use the show as a political platform in light of recent Trump-related events. She had assured fans she wouldn't. But we couldn't help but note her performance was peppered with references that got people talking. 

The show opened with 'This Land Is Your Land', an alternative to the American national anthem, and one traditionally written as a song of protest. One verse in particular makes a clear reference to a 'big high wall' and how 'this land was made for you and me'. If that isn't a dig at Trump's plans to build this infamous wall then we don't know what is. 

Two of Gaga's biggest tunes followed 'Poker Face' and 'Born This Way', both of which address Gaga's bisexuality and pro-LGBTQI stance. Her all-inclusive mantra was reinforced by her choice of backup dances, who were a mix of sizes, colours and genders, to project this message of acceptance of all, no matter how they identify.  followed - a song which addresses Gaga's bisexuality. Again, something that is opposed by the Republican party. 

Gaga's performance didn't call for her to make a loud declaration of her stance on acceptance of all people, her songs did that for her just fine. (And helped bring the New England Patriots to victory over the Atlanta Falcons as an added bonus). 
Photo credit: Harper's Bazaar