V Puts Its Energy Into 'The Motion Project'

  V Motion Project By Steven Fernandez   The difference between V Energy and everyone else is that when they come up with a crazy new idea, they actually make it happen. The Motion Project is the latest in a long line of V Energy innovations that takes a simple idea and makes it happen in a big way by pushing the boundaries of what is possible.   The mission this time: Making music using only the human body.   To make it happen V Energy brought together the right recipe of know-how. Using music producer Joel Little from Goodnight Nurse, Brandon from the Wyld, a handful of tech guys and visual artists, the team gathered in a Grey Lynn warehouse with nothing but Xbox Kinect technology, Ableton software and a two-month deadline to bring the idea to life.   And it’s finally ready.   The result is a series of sounds samples, used to create music, that can only be activated by movements in the human body. A punch to the left might drop the bass line; a kick to the right might start the vocal track. The number of musical compositions that can be created by the movements in the body is endless.   The music dances to you rather than you dance to the music. Check out here what happened when the V Energy team tried out the technology on the side of a building in Auckland’s Custom St… And just when you think it would be too hard to compose a full song solely through body movements, V Energy has the first song “Can’t Help Myself” at the ready. Visit their website www.v.co.nz for a listen! If you want to know more about the V Energy Motion Project and how it came together, check out the webisodes below to see the creative team in action… http://youtu.be/uzMD4fkWp7Q http://youtu.be/wUqbM-LmlGo http://youtu.be/3tI4_Dpa5eM http://youtu.be/aBkGdmi_n20 http://youtu.be/ZgeedtYQzuU