Harley Quinn is our biggest badass girl crush

As if Margot Robbie wasn’t already cool enough, now the babin’ Australian actress has swapped her diamonds and dresses for tattoos and short shorts to become incredible supervillan Harley Quinn in the new highly-anticipated film Suicide Squad

But Harley isn’t just a super hot blonde with a bad attitude; equipped with a confident and cheeky demeanour, she’s shown as one of the leaders of this male dominant super villain pack, yeah girl!

Here are a few Harley Quinn facts, so you can get to know your next favourite leading lady…

Harley is a talented gymnast, so whenever ever she’s kicking someone’s ass, it’s usually whilst showing off her flexible bod and impressive back flips.

This blonde baddie bombshell’s love interest is (or, was, at least) The Joker! Back before she was a villain, Harley was a psychiatrist in prison, where she first met The Joker. Seeing how smitten she was, the villain manipulated Harley into breaking him out of prison and they became the Bonnie and Clyde of the DC Universe.

Harley joined the Suicide Squad crew not too long ago and it wasn’t by choice. Until then she was either hanging with The Joker or adventuring on her own. Originally the squad members didn’t take her seriously, until she proved just how dangerous she really was!

We’ve been keeping ourselves up to date with every Suicide Squad teaser, but the one below is our favourite to date. I mean, c’mon, Harley smashing a shop window just to steal a cute purse, that’s our kinda girl!

We can’t wait for the release of the film next week, Thursday 4th August, and to finally see this bad ass crew in action!