Decanted, the educational wine experience

Wine dates back to around 5400 BC. Even Jesus' first miracle was to turn water into wine. It's a deep part of humanity's history. Wine bring people together and opens our soul.  

But let's be honest you, like us, love wine but know very little about it. We all know that feeling of gazing aimlessly at a wall of bottles at the supermarket. 

Decanted is here to help!

Decanted is an educational evening that's designed to tickle your taste buds and open your mind to all things wine.

Hosted by Mama San, with over 40 years of hospitality experience, with a background in curating wine list for top restaurants, in wine sales, and in wine education across numerous international locations – L.A., Rome, London, Perth, Auckland. Currently wine buyer & staff wine educator for The Blue Breeze Inn, Woodpecker Hill, Moochowchow (Akl). Her non-traditional approach to wine tastings will leave you excited to learn more.

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