Bite-size sunnies are back (and how to wear them)

It’s time to throw on your denim jacket, grab a boom-box and binge watch Clueless because another 90's trend is back in town.

No, we’re not talking about tartan (even though we're obsessed!), instead, on everyone’s fashion radar is the return of the teeny-tiny and slightly impractical sunglasses. They were first seen on the OG cool girls; Julia Roberts, Drew Barrymore and of course, Aaliyah. Now in 2018, our very own social elite are bringing it back from the dead.

The bite-size spectacles have made their rounds on the noses of today’s most influential fashionistas. We have seen it transcend from casual wear right to the runway.

From Kendall to Kourtney, Bella to Gigi, we are kind of loving the return of this iconic and questionably timeless accessory. You can join in our trip down memory lane or wish they were left where they belong, alongside low-rise pants and sweater vests.

However, there is no denying their popularity in the celeb world. Even some big fashion names are joining in on the nostalgia, with pairs from designers such as Balenciaga and Stella McCartney. Surely with their blessing, we have to give it a go!

If you wish to throw some shade or even receive some, check out our gallery above. With a whole range of styles and colours on the market, there’s a pocket-sized pair for every occasion!

Image Credit: Vanity Fair, Instagram, Harpers Bazzar, Business Insider, Popsugar, The Fashion Tag, Evening Standard, We Love Glasses, LeBlow UK