Can’t decide which new sneaker to sport? These are our favourite his and her styles for summer.

A quick scroll on TikTok will tell you that sneakers are the shoe of the season. With the success of ‘Bloke Core’ and ‘Athleisure’ our summer focus has been mixing high-end fashion statement pieces with everyday kicks. Samba’s took the internet by storm in 2023 but in 2024 casual reigns supreme. It’s all about comfort, balance and shoes that will have our followers reverse image searching to figure out what we’re wearing.

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Allow us to introduce you to our current footwear fixation, Street 720 and Street Lite by ECCO. Street Lite is crafted with a contemporary Nordic design from premium leather or velvety suede, the shoe offers both versatility and durability. Innovative Fluidform Technology provides a customised fit while the lightweight PU outsole ensures stability and grip (we’re looking at you slippery Fashion Week flooring!).

ECCO Street Lite


ECCO’s Street 720 answers all of our ‘Athleisure’ prayers, basketball style meets everyday comfort with these waterproof sneakers. Crafted from buttery leather or luxurious Nubuck, Street 720 ensures you’re ready for any weather and every PR event. The iconic, flexible Fluidform midsole, paired with innovative channels, keeps your feet comfortably temperate, while the lightweight PU outsole allows for fluid movement.

ECCO Street 720

ECCO Street 720


With the perfect mix of fashion-forward design, innovative tech and unbeatable comfort, these sneakers are our ultimate pick for staying stylish on the go and with Valentine’s Day just around the corner what better gift than a matching pair of kicks?