Every style we LOVE from Karen Walker's new SHADOW PLAY collection

"BRING ON SUMMER" is the message we're so clearly receiving from Karen Walker's her SHADOW PLAY eyewear collection which will reignite your excitement, and prepare you for the blazing sunshine to come.  

Bold, angular frames literally 'throw shade', with soft colour lenses evoking resort-like vibes. Shadows cast by these unique shapes also create a new dimension to your face, and offer a dramatic flair you never knew you possessed.

These statement pieces speak for themselves, whether plain or printed. As Karen notes; "the idea is that there’s this beautiful interplay with light on the skin as the lenses bounce back a colour wash and the frames create this graphic, playful sense of structure to super-enhance your beauty look."

To capture this idea of natural beauty, the campaign was shot by Harry Were in Sydney. Each image clearly communicates natural is key when it comes to this creative display, allowing the strong dynamic shapes to have their own say upon the model's bare face.

SHADOW PLAY marks Karen Walker's final eyewear release for the year, so be sure to nab yourself some of these unique shades in time for the Christmas holidays. 

Check out our some of our favourite, exotic frames in the SHADOW PLAY collection, below.