The Met is celebrating Comme des Garçons

New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art is delving deep into the enigmatic brain behind one of the most recognisable logos in the fashion realm, with the launch of an upscale new exhibition.

Art of the In-Between is an exhibition honouring Rei Kawakubo, founder of Comme des Garçons and arguably one of the most respected designers on the planet. Kawakubo was recently honored as the inspiration for this years Met Gala theme - now 150 of her garments will be showcased from this month until September.


Kawakubo, originally hailing from Tokyo, has earned esteem through persistently disrupting conventional notions of beauty. Her avant-garde designs resist interpretation, and she is known for her radical method of creating “objects for the body” rather than clothes.

Art of the In-Between is split into nine categories of "duality", each showcased within vast circle shapes in a futuristic, stark white gallery space. The categories are: Absence/Presence; Design/Not Design; Fashion/ Antifashion; Model/Multiple; High/Low; Then/Now; Self/ Other; Object/Subject; and Clothes/Not Clothes.

Check out full details on the exhibition here.

Photos courtesy of, Billionaire.