Remix Chatted With Tommy Hilfiger About his 'A New York Moment' Collection

Fans flooded the 42nd Street exit of Grand Central Station as Tommy Hilfiger made his triumphant return to New York Fashion Week. Presenting their Fall/Winter collection ‘A New York Moment’ the house transformed Grand Central’s oldest restaurant, the Oyster Bar into Tommy Club, a vibrant celebration embracing Hilfiger’s roots and the spirit of Classic American Cool. In a nod to the evolving landscape of fashion, the house embraced ‘See Now, Buy Now’ allowing martini-sipping guests to shop the pieces worn by Sofia Richie Grainge, Damson Idris and other front-row VIPs in attendance.

Ahead of the show, Hilfiger sat down with Remix to discuss his love for the city where it all began. 

‘A New York Moment’ will be held at The Grand Central Oyster Bar, one of the city’s great landmarks. Why was this important?

The Grand Central Oyster Bar is in a New York institution in the heart of the city. The many faces that pass through it every day reflect the soul of the city. To have the show in the city’s hub is a very special thing. For one night only, we’re putting on a night of Hilfiger Hospitality by giving it a red, white and blue takeover and bringing fashion, entertainment and celebrity to Grand Central. This is an all-front-row show produced on an intimate scale that puts a new twist on fashion entertainment.  

What aspects set ‘A New York Moment’ apart from previous Tommy Hilfiger collections and what has stayed consistent for the brand? 

The collection is inspired by New York, the home of Classic American Cool, channelling the city’s unique style and reinterpreting it with our twist. It is made up of all the elements of the ‘90s prep wardrobe, the rugby, blazer, chinos and varsity jacket, and enriched with texture in corduroys, herringbones and chalky-pinstripes. These are his or her staples with a little more sophistication. It’s the spirit of prep, modernised through a New York lens.  

You have said New York was the birthplace of your vision and that it taught you to dream big. Can you give us an example of this?

New York inspired me to dream – it’s the city where it all got started. The energy, culture and creativity make it so unique and above all, it’s the home of iconic, American style. You only need to spend five minutes people-watching to see some of the most creative and authentic examples of expression through personal style. People wear their clothes here - the clothes don’t wear them. I find it so exciting and energising. You get the feeling you are witnessing the evolution of fashion in real-time. 

Looking forward, what can we expect to see from Tommy Hilfiger? What is driving you creatively in 2024 and serving as inspiration? 

We are always driven by the idea of taking classics from the American wardrobe and reinventing them with a contemporary twist. Our collections showcase iconic staples such as polos, varsity jackets and cable knits wrapped up in a red, white and blue spirit. Right now we are exploring new proportions and elevating textures to enrich our pieces with timeless elegance and style.