Auckland tastemakers & their furry friends talk all things pet life

Hannah Carson and Zoe                                                                 

Zoe is a 8 year old mixed breed dog who eats Hill’s Science Diet Youthful Vitality 7+ Adult Dog.


What is your favourite thing to do with Zoe?

Walks at Muriwai Beach or opening birthday presents. She is an expert and knows how to take the paper off without damaging what is inside.


On the bed or off the bed when it comes to sleeping?

Off the bed, she has her own bed with a sheepskin. She’s a noisy sleeper! She snores and barks in her dreams!


What is your pet’s personality like?

Extremely cuddly, loves pats, very competitive, looooves humans and is a bit of a snob to other dogs.


If she could talk, what do you think she’d say?

She would definitely boss us around!


Tell us about when you first got Zoe.

My husband Marco bought her for $50, from a farm on Cooks Beach, about a year before we got together. When Marco first rang, all the puppies were gone. They called back the next day as a family had returned Zoe because she was too “naughty”!


What do you look for when it comes to quality nutrition for Zoe?

Real meat and natural, only the best of the best, her health is so important to us.


What is the funniest thing Zoe does?

She smiles and shows all her front teeth. Especially if she is excited to see you! She also hates couriers and often gives them frights, it’s embarrassing!


How often does Zoe feature on your Instagram?

Zoe is always being featured on my stories, but she does have her own Instagram as well, where we take photos of her looking at our food haha. It’s @bergsinthekitchen.


Simone Anderson and Maddox

Maddox is a 2-year old French bulldog who eats Hill’s Science Diet Sensitive Skin Adult Dog.


Tell us about Maddox’s personality.                                             

He’s super inquisitive, friendly and very loving.                                                        


What do you look for when choosing his food?                          

I look for good quality ingredients without bulky fillers.


If Maddox could talk, what would he say to you?

That my partner and I need to chill on the matching outfits and give him some space to breathe!


Tell us about when you first got Maddox?
I remember going to visit him at the breeder and never wanting to leave. Then two weeks later we got to collect him, I felt such a sense of Love already I knew he was just going to be my best little friend. 


What made you choose him?

We really wanted a small/medium dog but one that was still very active and wanted to get involved in the action! We never wanted a handbag dog but knew a large dog wouldn’t fit into our lifestyles right now. 


What was life like after you got Maddox?
I discovered a new found love for quiet nights in! 


How often does your Insta feature Maddox?

At least once every few days, people get upset if he hasn’t featured for a while. And two weeks ago I cracked and created him his own insta! 



Holly Lindsey and Olive                                                      

Olive is a 3 year old Persian who eats Hill’s Science Diet Hairball Control Adult Cat.


Tell us about when you first got olive.

She was an indoor cat for the first year, because I lived in an apartment. Her first few years were spent looking out the window dreaming of her future life.


What made your choose her?

Her coat and her blue eyes.


What is life like now you have her?

Now I live in fear of something happening to her! She follows me everywhere and waits by the front path for me each night. It’s too cute. She has my personality traits, fiercely independent by day and an affectionate homebody by night.


What is the funniest thing olive does?

She sits on her bum like a human with her two back feet out. It’s really strange and I don’t know how she balances.


If she could talk, what do you think she’d say?

Focus on your own career mum. Look at my face, do you think I want to be here in front of this camera?


What is Olive’s strange habit?

When she licks her front she often gets her hair caught down her throat and starts coughing.


What is your favourite thing to do together?

Sunday sleep ins.


What do you look for when it comes to quality nutrition for olive?

I just trust the professionals! 


How often does she feature on your Instagram?

Only in my Instagram stories and not too much… I don’t want to come across as a crazy cat lady however I think this shoot may have just confirmed that.



Julia Matthews and Lola                            

Lola is a 10-year-old boxer who eats Hill’s Science Diet Youthful Vitality 7+ Adult Dog.


Tell us about Lola’s personality.

She is the most well behaved dog I’ve ever met. Lola loves people and is never fazed by other dogs unless they get up in her grill.


What was life like after you got Lola?

So much more fun! You automatically become more active, because you have to walk your dog, so I find myself outdoors a lot more when I have Lola.


What made you choose a Boxer?
I’ve always loved boxers and wanted a dog that I could run, would feel safe with if home alone, good with children and had a fun personality.  


What’s the funniest thing about Lola?
When ever she can hear a fire engine, ambulance or police car she imitates the siren by howling.  


If Lola could talk, what do you think she’d say?

Feed me! 


What do you look for when it comes to quality nutrition for your pet?

No unnecessary additives or preservatives and the right sugar, carb and protein levels.


Does Lola have any strange habits?
When Lola goes to a park that has a playground she runs over to the swings and starts biting them. It’s so funny to watch. Not sure what she thinks they are.                                  


Nikki Isemonger and Cooper

Cooper is a 3-year-old Schnauzer cross Australian Terrier who eats Hill’s Science Diet Adult Dog Advanced Fitness Small Bites.


Tell us about when you first got Cooper?                                    

My ex-husband and I had just moved in together and decided it was time for a pet. Three weeks later I fell pregnant, so the small at we were in became a bit of a circus.


What made you choose Cooper?

I totally believe he chose us. He came over to visit us and he was like a member of our family straight away. 


What has life been like since?

A whole lot brighter and crazier. The amount of jandals he’s consumed is out the gate. 


Describe Cooper’s personality.

He is cheeky and clingy. Super protective and a little bit dopey!


Does Cooper sleep on the bed?                            

I’m not opposed to him sleeping on the bed, but he has a pretty sweet set up in his kennel outside.


What funny habits does he exhibit?                                  

He was born with a wonky neck so runs slightly funny and only one of his ears sits up.


What do you look for when it comes to quality nutrition for Cooper?

He has sensitive skin so we’re always conscious of his diet. 



Carena West and Dexter                                                

Dexter is a 5-year-old Moggy Cat who eats Hill’s Science Diet Optimal Care Chicken Tender Chunks and Gravy Adult Cat Pouches.


Describe Dexter’s personality.

Obsessed with food, independent, loves a good scratch.


If Dexter could talk, what would he say?

Hi, are you here to feed me?


What do you look for when it comes to quality nutrition for Dexter?

Quality is really important because of his active lifestyle; he needs lots of energy and nutrients from a reliable food source. His diet is made up of Hills Nutrition... and the occasional mouse!


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