Girl about town Anna Bell in the new Audi Q2

More and more, we’re seeing the rise of the ‘slashie’. Think the model-slash-photographer, the influencer-slash-PR executive, or the makeup artist-slash-vlogger. Branching out into more than one industry is no longer seen as a multi-tasking challenge, conquered only by super humans, but as a means of establishing a strong, adaptable, multifaceted personal brand.

One such multifaceted slashie is Anna Bell, the pink-haired, immaculately made-up, TONI & GUY hairstylist, who is taking the social media world by storm with her out-of-the-box ideas across the worlds of fashion and beauty.

Like Anna Bell, the all new Audi Q2 is completely untaggable. It blurs the boundaries between slick design and practicality, much like Anna with her slashie status. Compact, sporty and loaded with tech – this slick new vehicle from Audi is proving to be the ultimate urban accessory.

We caught up with fashion editor, stylist and social media influencer Anna Bell about her penchant for dancing, her growing to-do lists, and her thoughts on the new Audi Q2.

What’s a typical day for you as a fashion editor / beauty stylist?
I work primarily online, so I begin my day by checking my emails and Instagram first and start on my hair and makeup. I have a very little time to get ready in the mornings so I don't muck around! Listening to dance music while I get ready helps hype me up for the day. I work as a full time top stylist at TONI&GUY so love to be well-dressed every day for my clients.

What are some things you have or do to make your job easier / balance your hectic schedule?
I always have my diary on me, and have a penchant for to-do lists! Outside of work, I love to socialise and go for a dance to give myself a bit of stress relief. Work can sometimes be crazy so I feel it’s important to have a bit of ‘me’ time. Treat yo’self!

Having used the new Audi Q2 on a recent fashion / beauty project, what is it about the vehicle that helped you as a fashion editor / beauty stylist?
While the car is super compact, it’s really roomy inside! It's perfect for when you're on the way to shoots or freelancing as there is so much to space to store things without it feeling too tight. Every door opens extra wide which is great for navigating garment bags into the car, and the generous boot will fit my styling kit with ease!

When you first jumped into the Audi Q2, what was it that you noticed or loved about the car?
The only way to describe the interior is sleek and modern. I love the fact that the car doesn’t give off a masculine feel. Although roomy inside, the coupe-style of the body isn’t intimidatingly large and is perfect for navigating the inner city with tight parking spaces!

As someone with a creative eye, what is it that you noticed or love about the Audi Q2 aesthetically? 
I'm new to driving so I'm definitely no car expert but I felt the Audi Q2 gave off a smart, elegant finish which I LOVE! The sporty seat positions and LED lights were a nice touch. I felt great while driving, plus who doesn't like to be seen in a gorgeous looking car?! I was super excited to discover you’re able to tailor-make your Q2 depending on your personal tastes, and can customise the exterior, interior and equipment to suit! I bookmarked this on my phone and am dreaming about purchasing one soon. Check it out here.

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Photography by Jono Parker