Big Love: Get to know the new Range Rover Sport

Famously loved by the late Queen and made even more iconic by Hollywood’s elite, Range Rover is a car synonymous with leisure luxury. The release of their brand-new Range Rover Sport model only further cements its status in the vehicle world. Remix founder Tim Phin got to test-drive and get to know the new model, experiencing all the Range Rover Sport has to offer, from its electrifying power to its archetypal dynamic and sophisticated luxury. Travelling through the Auckland City roads and venturing out to Omaha allowed Tim to discover one of the best vehicles on the market.


Driving the new Range Rover Sport was an experience in itself and being my first foray into hybrid SUVs, I was super impressed. Its dramatic and distinctive character promises a good time with every drive, and its muscular stance and taut surfaces conveyed both power and agility. Of course in true Range Rover style sitting inside only adhered to its quality. The interior was a seamless marriage of sculpted seating, beautifully stitched interior and Moonlight Chrome finishers. I couldn’t help but feel like I was in a cockpit-like cabin, cosy and comfortable as well as elegant and visceral. Being someone who loves music, a sound system is a deal breaker for me, but of course, Range Rover delivered with their unbelievable Meridian Signature Sound System, supplying advanced and powerful audio every time I press play - and when my chosen sound started playing through the headrest at the press of a button, I couldn’t help but feel like I’d brought the energy of an IMAX cinema experience to my very seat. The larger-than-life Pivi Pro Screen, complemented by a 13.7-inch Interactive Driver Display made navigating Bluetooth, its built-in Amazon Alexa, and the control of the car as far from a chore as possible, and when reversing watching the 3D 360-degree Surround Camera, the big screen made driving feel that much safer. Another big thing for me was the amount of space in the car, being a city person I’m constantly on the road and with Remix, I’m always carrying around magazines or on my way to the airport to head to our cover shoots - a large boot was a must-have and the new RR Sport absolutely delivered. 


To the naked eye, the Range Rover Sport is effortlessly captivating, but delving into the nitty-gritty details only furthered the car's true beauty. The main thing that I felt when driving through the city, was the pure power of the hybrid motor, making me feel completely in charge on the road. Although I’m not much of an off-roader, making the most of the car's intelligent All-Wheel Drive (iAWD) was something I was super keen to try out so dabbling in some humble off-roading just showed the extent of the RR Sport’s groundbreaking and incredibly diverse skill set. A Range Rover first is the new Sport model’s pioneering suspension, introducing switchable volume air springs and twin-valve active dampers delivering the penultimate in agility, control, and composure. Its six-cylinder 48V mild-hybrid Ingenium petrol and diesel engines as well as the new V8 Twin Turbo made me feel as though I was gliding along Ponsonby Road - literally. I also can’t forget to mention the 15W Wireless Device Charger sitting pretty underneath the sound system, an incredible yet humble feature that is perfect for someone constantly on the go and in need of a fully-charged phone like myself. 


Gone are the days when the market only offered petrol-run cars, so being told that the new RR model runs on both electric and petrol was a great start. Now - I know what you’re thinking, what if you run out of charge on a road trip? When fully charged, you can travel an incredible 113km before needing to recharge, a trailblazing step from Range Rover when compared to standard PHEV charges which last typically from 30-50km. Not to mention the car comes with its own charger making recharging an even more seamless affair. The electric-run aspect of the car means that the power delivery is one to boast about, capable of getting from 0-100km in just 5.4 seconds - I can assure you I had some fun when on the motorway. With a beach house in Omaha that I travel to and from very frequently, the electrical aspect was one that I needed to make sure worked for my travels. When I was told the new P510e Electric Hybrid is engineered to meet the demands of drivers in the market who need more than 100km of zero emissions EV range, it was a guaranteed success. 

“The New Range Rover Sport redefines sporting luxury, combining assertive and instinctive on-road performance with progressive design and trademark Range Rover refinement. Building on seventeen years of unique customer appeal, the third-generation model is the most desirable, advanced and dynamically capable yet.” Steve Kenchington, Chief Executive Officer, Land Rover New Zealand.