The bike that will actually make you WANT to exercise

When it comes between choosing to exercise, or watching our favourite Netflix show - Netflix always seems to be the winner. But now, thanks to the new bike called Cycflix you can catch up on all of your Netflix shows while breaking a sweat!

Actually the breaking a sweat part is not optional, as this bike will only play Netflix if you keep up a constant pace!

Inventor Ronan Byrne explains that this is "exercise powered by entertainment", and that this is your average stationary bike that you would find in a gym, except it's in your living room in front of your television! The catch - as soon as you stop pedaling the TV immediately shuts down, and as soon as you start peddling it comes back on. That is the motivation we need!! 

Now before we all get our hopes up, this bike is not available at any retail stores and is more of a DIY project - unless Byrne decided to change that (we are hoping). 

Byrne explained how he made this concept a reality on his Instructables blog. "It uses a stationary exercise bike connected to an Arduino Nano to control the streaming of Netflix on a PC, the main gist of the project is that, at the click of a button and some user input, Firefox will open and play Netflix and monitor your speed for the workout routine you designed. If you are going below the speed for too long, Netflix will be paused until you get back up to speed."

Sounds complicated? You're not alone. We are praying he will bring this item to life so we can get our hands on one!