Cloudy Bay brings us an enchanting twist on a classic wine-experience

Us Kiwis always get an inkling for a good glass of wine no matter what the occasion. Whether it’s a cold glass of Chardonnay in the afternoon sun or an enchanting red with your loved one, they always have a place for any time of the day. A bottle of wine is often an essential when dining - but ‘wine-not’ step up the game and make the experience even more special?

The ritual of serving a glass of wine has been reimagined by Cloudy Bay for a more modernised and contemporary way of indulging in their wines at three restaurants around Auckland: Prego, Ostro & Non Solo Pizza. Cloudy Bay has come up with the concept of the Amphora - these objects of desire are derived by an old-world wonder where large ornate jugs were used to transport wine directly to our tables. Cloudy Bay has come up with sculptural manifestations of the wonders of nature inspired by the environment the wines come from and will involve Cloudy Bay wines being presented and poured from these exquisite art decors.


The award-winning Martinborough-based glass artists Crystal Chain Gang have created the unique Amphora for Cloudy Bay. Bespoke by design, each Amphora has been carefully handcrafted using the art of glassblowing for Cloudy Bay’s whites, reds and sparkling wine varietals. The most divine wine drinking experience, no? With three Amphoras in the set - one for Cloudy Bay’s classic Sauvignon Blanc and Chardonnay; one for Cloudy Bay’s beautiful Pinot Noir; and one for Cloudy Bay Pelorus Brut and Rosé - so lush.

Inspired by the majestic surrounds of Cloudy Bay and the Marlborough region, the bases of the white and red wine Amphoras reflect the rocks and glacial soil from which the wine grapes grow with long elegant necks finished with glass stoppers representing the vines and boulders on the vineyards. The finishing touches of these beautiful masterpieces are impeccable like their wines. 


The glass of the Amphora designed for their Pelorus Brut and Rosé has a very elegant pink hue - inspired by the lush berries evident in the Pelorus Rosé. The key point of this Amphora is its bubbled effect shown through the glass referencing the foaming seas of Cloudy Bay. Who said only champagnes need their own designated buckets to be kept chilled in? The Pelorus Amphora will be filled with ice to keep the bottles pleasantly cooled whilst elegantly poised at the table of its indulgers. 

Get in on the Amphora action with any order of Cloudy Bay wine by the bottle or the glass - whatever your little heart desires. Available at three of every Aucklanders favourites: Non Solo Pizza, Prego and Ostro. Wine and dine in style from today and only for a limited time!