Inside Do Good Dating: Our review of Auckland's charitable new date night

[gallery columns="5" link="file" ids="6216,6215,6214,6213,6212"] Last night Remix editorial assistant Isabelle Truman went along to Do Good Dating, the new Auckland date night everyone has been talking about.  I've been talked into downloading Tinder a couple of times. The first was by a friend who knew I’d like her boyfriend's flatmate, so basically I swiped 'No' to everyone until I found him. The second was when I first moved back to Auckland and was told by my entire flat that ‘everyone had it’, so they chose photos that apparently showed I was both fun and laid-back, and just like that, I was active on Tinder – for about a week. I talked to two matches briefly, then realised Tinder wasn't really my thing and way more work than I could be bothered with. Introducing Do Good Dating, for those who like meeting new people, but aren't so keen on Tinder... Created by Alice Harbourne, Daniel Drupsteen and designer Fiona Kerr, Do Good Dating puts a bit of fun back into the act of finding a potential match, while at the same time giving back to the community. First you register your interest through their website, then if you’re lucky enough to be one of the 40 people selected (out of an unexpected 2000 plus applications), you go along to an organised speed dating event, during which you have five minutes to chat with each of the 20 potential date partners. The first event was held last night at Good One in Ponsonby and after having a pre-event wine for the nerves, myself and another friend (who was mostly there for the moral support), headed in. Straight away my nerves were put at ease as the entire room was already immersed in pre-Do Good chats, with the fairy lights and music helping to create a relaxed environment. Everyone I talked to was lovely. The guys were super easy to talk to and the conversation flowed well. The five minutes goes pretty fast, but in my opinion it was enough time to work out if you’d like to spend another hour hanging out with them on a 'Do Good' organised community venture/date. Apart from spilling my drink everywhere, having a couple of coughing fits, and talking a bit too much about my kitten, the evening went smoothly. I don't think the love of my life was there, but I'd be more than happy to do some volunteer work with any of the guys that I met - after all, giving back is what it's all about. For those of you on the fence, nervous about going alone, or are so shy that the thought of any date (let alone 20) makes you feel sick, Do Good Dating is the perfect place to leave your comfort zone. Remember, most of the other people there feel the same way!