Feeling blue? No fear, blue wine is here...

Red and white wine are taking a backseat now that their new friend blue wine is here. 

Blue wine has hit New Zealand, inspired by that of Italy who have created Saraceni Blumond! 

Believe it or not, it is not made from blueberries... or super deep purple grapes, but rather red AND white grapes (uh hello, best of both worlds!?), where anthocyanin (a pigment found in grape skin) and indigotine dye are then added to create this miraculous blue concoction.

Auckland couple, Dan and Elle Wuthrich found this holy water at an Italian banquet in Tuscany and were inspired enough (how could you not be?) to bring it to New Zealand. Their company, Wuthrich Wines, introduced this into their range, which they describe as a velvety and seductive sparkling wine - delicioso!

In terms of taste, Blumond has added a hint of peach into their blue wine to give it an extra fruity punch. We'll give you a moment to imagine how amazing Sangria would taste with this addition...

Ideal for memorable events, desserts, cocktails or straight from the bottle (oh the class), this is definitely worth trying!

We promise the blue stain on the carpet is worth it...

Image credits: Wuthrich Wines