Five healthy breakfast ideas to kick-start your day

With summer just around the corner, we've suddenly realised that our bikini bod has been in hibernation over winter  - and sadly it isn't acceptable or comfortable to wear jeans and a baggy sweater in the sea. 

We all deserve to feel like the bee's knees in a bikini and an important step in reaching this level of confidence is eating! Throw away all diet fads and ignore any carb-less weight loss tips, because we've come up with a super tasty way to kick-start your day which will leave you feeling satisfied and energised until lunch-time rolls around.

But, if you aren't much of a brekkie person, we promise that if you give one of these recipes a try you'll be up and ready with your spoon before your alarm.

Here are five of our favourite healthy breakfast ideas that will kick-start your day more than a caffeine hit ever could (okay... maybe a slight exaggeration). 

1. Overnight Oats

I didn't know what love was until my first spoonful of overnight oats. Overnight oats are a more creamy, more cold and more exciting version of the classic, porridge. 

The best thing about overnight oats is that they are never boring. There are so many different variations, flavours and toppings that you can make depending on your cravings. My current favourite flavour at the moment is choc-peanut butter. Using oats, almond milk, natural yoghurt, vanilla essence, chia seeds, cacao powder, Pics peanut butter and a little honey - creates a creamy imitation of Whittaker's peanut slab. The best part? It's absolute guilt free and keeps me full for much longer than vegemite on toast (sorry vegemite). As the icing on the cake, I microwave some frozen berries for a topping,  giving it an extra hit. Some may say it even represents the likes of Black Forest... but I'll let you be the judge. 

Not tickling your fancy? There are a bunch of other recipes online imitating other sweet treats, such as carrot cake, vanilla, banana chocolate chip and strawberry cheesecake. Click here for some inspiration and get overnight oat-ing! 

2. Three-ingredient banana pancakes

Jack Johnson didn't write the song "banana pancakes" for nothing. For a great source of protein and fibre, these little beauties are your saving grace. Consisting of only three ingredients including two eggs, a mashed banana and a little cinnamon, they are perfect if your cupboard is looking bare and you're craving something sweet to start your day. Once cooked, squeeze a little lemon juice over the pancakes and a topping of your choice, and you're good to go! 

3. Spiced Bircher Muesli

Muesli isn't exactly the most exciting breakfast, but with a few added extras it becomes a high contestant in the breakfast awards (if there is such a thing). For this gem, throw a few pitted dates, a squeeze of orange juice, a sprinkling of cardamon, greek yoghurt or natural vanilla yoghurt, and 1/4 a cup of muesli in a bowl, mix it together and top it with your favourite fruits! 

For a slightly more detailed and precise recipe, head here.

4. Super Smoothie

You're late to work, uni, your dentist appointment - whatever it may be, you're clearly on the go and don't have time to whip up some pancakes. This is where a super smoothie will come in handy. All you need is a banana, a little pineapple, coconut water, a tablespoon of yoghurt and some leafy greens such as spinach and kale. Don't be put off by its squeaky-clean green colouring, it tastes like the islands I assure you. 

5. Vegetable Frittata

If you've got more of a liking towards savoury, this frittata is for you. You can jam pack it full of your favourite veggies for a solid dose of your 5+ a day and protein. A little low-fat cheese and some chutney are great options to make the most out of your breakfast. Frittatas are also super practical - you can make a large batch for the week and then refrigerate to keep fresh! A great lunch box idea too!

For some inspiration on what to put in your frittata, head here.

Image credits: Wholefully, The Skinny Confidential, Taste, trendprivemagazine