Five plant-based products you need to try

Health, climate change, animal welfare… there’s an ever-growing list of reasons that people are turning toward a plant-based diet. I remember when I decided to try veganism for four months, as a personal challenge, and because I love animals. When I shared the news with people around me, it was usually met with shocked faces and a number of generic replies such as “but how!” or  “I could never do that!”. 


This was a few years ago now, which was potentially a more difficult time to go plant-based due to a lack of options. But the beauty of the diet going more ‘mainstream’, is that food traders and suppliers are adapting with incredible speed, offering new, and delicious vegan alternatives to the market. Gone are the days of soy milk being the only vegan product sold in big supermarkets, a testament to soaring public curiosity. 


A plant-based diet no longer consists of only boring salads, there basically isn’t anything you can’t get these days, from Pizza Hut to Guinness (who decided to stop using fish in their brewing process, after two and a half centuries). So whether you’re looking at cutting animal products out altogether, or you just want to adopt a meat-free-Monday, here are a few products to add to your shopping list: 



Kumara, Coconut & Turmeric Hummus 

Looking for a tasty snack? look no further! LISA’S bring together sweet kumara chunks and combine it with creamy coconut and aromatic turmeric and mild spices – it’s a mouthwateringly delicious dip!



Vegie Delights Thai Chilli Lime Cakes

A great vegan alternative to traditional Thai fish or chicken cakes, and perfect for entertaining the crowds. The Vegie Delights range is also fortified with Vitamin B12, Zinc and Iron for complete nutrition.   



Bean Supreme Pies

Bean Supreme is one company altering the very fabrication of how consumers eat and have now just-released its revolutionary vegan pie range. Pie connoisseurs can now be guaranteed not to miss out on the traditional savoury favourite when they make the move to a vegan lifestyle. 



Naked Kitchen Korean Wellness Bowl

This meal is fantastic for those cold winter lunch breaks. This Wellness Bowl is inspired by Korean cuisine and naturally fermented vegan kimchi, which is known for helping to improve the digestive system. It is also packed with other interesting ingredients like shitake mushrooms, sweet potato noodles and miso.



Alternative Dairy Co. Cheese 

Finally, a vegan cheese that actually melts! The Alternative Dairy Co. range of cheese in Cheddar, Mozzarella and Parmesan are now available in New Zealand in New World & Pak’n Save Stores.