Five ways to actually keep your new years resolutions

The time is fast approaching when we start harking the words “new year, new me,” and compiling a list of our resolutions for the new year. We’re driven and we’re ready to go, but if you’re like us, February comes around and we seem to fall back into our every day as we get back into the office and the grind starts again.

Remix has listed a few tips and tricks that we find to help in aiding the motivation loss when the resolutions really need to kick in. 



Be specific 

When outlining your goals, the key to reaching them is to be specific. Providing vague or generalized goals doesn’t give clear direction on how you can achieve them. Instead of aiming for a healthier lifestyle, try breaking it down and introducing a few healthy habits each week, like trying 2-3 new vegetables, or introducing a form of exercise 4 days out of the week. Focus on achieving short-term goals, and naturally, it will just become like clockwork. 


Write it down

Writing down your goals is a great way to ensure that you don’t forget about what you want to achieve. Being able to read them down the line can re-spark that momentum, and get that motivation back again. Adding little blurbs under each goal about why you want to achieve this specific goal can also be a great way to give yourself that reminder. 



Measure progress 

We all fall off, life is a series of trials and errors so don’t beat yourself up if you experience the all-too-familiar down days (or weeks). Keeping on top of your progress and congratulating yourself when you do well, and addressing when you’re going through a rut will help identify what is working and what isn’t. 


Stay accountable 

Telling your friends and family about your goals is a sure way to keep yourself on track. Social support is super important, and we have no doubt that your loved ones will have no problem keeping you accountable. 



Make time

Allocate time in your day to achieve your goals, and make them your priority. We have 24 hours in a day, let’s make the most of it.