Get to know the most intuitive EV car on the market - the Volkswagen ID.5

In the market for your very own electric vehicle? The new Volkswagen ID.5 encompasses style, design, and usability and has its very own in-built AI system to make your driving experience seamless. Remix Digital & Lifestyle Editor, Nina put the new Volkswagen ID.5 EV to the test over a weekend of running inner-city errands and countryside road-tripping. 

On Saturday we belted up and headed north via the newly opened highway to Matakana so we could put the features of this electric SUV to the test away from the bustle of the city and heavy traffic flow. Having driven a few EVs from various other car brands, I can easily say that the ID.5 was the most user-friendly and controllable EV I have driven - almost like an extension of myself. 

For an entry-level electric vehicle driver, the Volkswagen ID.5 is the perfect road companion - engineered for people looking for an elegant, sporty electric vehicle that is motivated by design. The twist-and-go entry system showcases this vehicle's intuitive nature. Simply enter the car with the key in your hand, handbag or pocket, press your foot on the brake to activate the engine, and twist the gear knob forward to Drive and go! The car felt heavy and sturdy, so when I put my foot down for the first time I was surprised at how peppy it was. A smooth drive guided by intelligent safety features such as lane assist gave me an elevated driving experience without taking over too much control - a feature in which I have previously found quite aggressive with other EVs. 

An interactive car talk feature activated by voice command makes things like defogging windows and turning the heating up or down made the usability of the vehicle a hands-free and entertaining experience - simply say “Hello ID.” followed by your command to initiate action. Easy access to the car stereo settings on the steering wheel also allowed me to make the most out of the impressive sound system without diverting my attention away from the road. 

The following Sunday was spent running errands through Auckland Cities' busy streets. The Front Assist safety feature works well while maneuvering around pedestrians and other vehicles on the road with autonomous emergency braking with pedestrian and cyclist monitoring. The design features of this SUV are sleek and stylish with a sporty look and feel and 19-inch Hammar alloy wheels. 

Night-time driving is also enhanced with inbuilt interior LED lights which allow you to choose from 30 different colours to choose the mood of your cabin. The battery life of this EV was equally impressive, covering a distance of around 530kms at full charge. Overall the Volkswagen ID.5 EV is an enticing option for busy suburban families on the go for a stylish, smooth, safe, and comfortable drive with ample storage space.


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