Where to go for the ultimate spa treatment for men

Women are absolutely spoiled for choice when it comes to where to get pampered, where to relax and where to get some well-deserved TLC. It seems that the world has forgotten that maybe, just maybe, men want the odd facial and head massage too.

So, we discovered the top three places that provide these luxurious and heavenly services to men, because everybody deserves a little pampering from time to time!

1. About Man
For those looking for a sophisticated, A-class pamper - oh boy (pardon the pun), have we found the place for you. Sitting proudly on Jervois Road in Ponsonby lives About Man, an extension of About Face. Their services are non-surgical, for those wanting to brighten up their skin, reducing the look of tiredness, spotting or ageing. Grooming services are also available such as waxing, hair removal and even foot care. Just holding out for a deep-tissue massage? About Man have got you covered - their massage is sworn to help with sleep and relaxation, so you can continue to function as the busy man you are. Possibly the best part of their offerings is a shot of whisky or a beer if you've come straight from the office. 

2. Bodyhaven
It's all in the name. Bodyhaven, Wellington's award-winning spa treatment, is offering a special men's spa treatment. This could work perfectly as a gift for your man - offering an overall spa body package, waxing, stress management, eyebrow waxing and even eyelash tinting. Don't be afraid to treat yourself - just like Bodyhaven states, it's essential! 

3. Chuan Spa
Chuan Spa at The Langham is a modern oriental spa treatment service that has denoted a luxurious range of spa treatments specifically designed for men. They offer a range of extensive pamper packages including a "Chuan Man Maintenance" package that aims to reach a man's needs by restoring and revitalising the skin, reducing fatigue and relieving tension. Another exclusive package is the "Chuan Executive Indulgence" which allows you to sit back and relax whilst your feet are soaked in a warm bath of essential oils before a relaxation massage for your hands and feet. Finally, you'll be granted a stress-relieving scalp massage to top it off... yes please! 


The entrance to an oasis of luxury. Take that special someone on this devine adventure.

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