These five boujee ice-cream flavours are far from vanilla...

The latest flavour selection from Magnum proves that pleasure has more than one layer… 

Forget sea, sand and surf, this year’s ultimate summer indulgence can be found in the freezer section. Yes, in news that is set to delight ice cream lovers across the country, the golden nectars of the gods and the caviars of the sugarcanes have all married together to bring us five decadent new Magnum offerings known as Magnum LUXE. 


Sometimes (most of the time) standard vanilla simply will not cut the mustard, and in fact, unless it has chocolate cake batter, raspberry panna cotta or caramel hazelnut truffle running through it, you’re better off wrapping it in glad wrap and using it as an ice pack. Because once you wrap your lips around one of these luxurious flavours, the nothing else will do. 

The Mangum LUXE range consists of three stick flavours and two LUXE tubs. All featuring layers of velvety ice cream, luscious sauces, and thick chocolate, paired together for the perfect balance to transport you to experience an indulgent moment of pleasure, wherever you may be. 


Here’s the down-low on the flavours…

On a stick…

Chocolate Cake Batter – We’re done, this ice cream is indulgence on a stick. Crack through the chocolate shell infused with cookie pieces to reveal a chocolate cake batter flavoured sauce wrapped in velvety vanilla ice cream.

Raspberry Panna Cotta - Raspberry Panna Cotta ice cream is an absolute dream come true and you can get it at all participating retailers NOW. Bite through a layer of cracking white chocolate, to experience a luscious raspberry sauce and a chocolatey layer encased around a creamy Panna Cotta flavoured ice cream.


Caramel Hazlenut Truffle – Experience a caramel swirled ice cream coated in a chocolatey layer, delicious Hazelnut sauce and a thick Magnum milk chocolate. If you love caramel and hazelnuts, you’re going to love this decadent treat.


In a tub… 


Salted Caramel - Salted Caramel lovers of the world REJOICE! The ultimate dessert is here. It ticks all the boxes; it’s sweet, a little salty, and it’s covered in a cracking Magnum chocolate shell. 


Chocolate Ganache - The name says it all. Chocolate ice cream, chocolate sauce, chocolate casing...Chocolate on chocolate, we’re in love. If you’re looking for an indulgent treat to share, don’t go past this.


For the die-hard classic and almond fans out there, we hear you, the Magnum OG’s are a treasure, and deserve the highest medal we can bestow upon a food. But you have our word, these new flavours don’t deviate from the winning formula, they’re just a bit… boujieer. 


The new Magnum LUXE range is available nationwide today from Countdown, Pak &Save, New World and convenience stores.


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