Remix editor-in-chief Amber tested out the new Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra on a work trip to Miami.

Remix editor-in-chief Amber took the brand new Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra on a work trip to Miami & quickly realised the inbuilt Galaxy AI tools matched the brilliance of the smartphone's much-loved camera capabilities. 

We already knew the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra cameras are wildly powerful. I could talk for days about how the 10 x zoom is so strong (and so ideal when capturing BTS on set but you don’t want to be in the photographer’s way), and they absolutely played a huge part in my work trip. Don’t even get me started on the quality of selfies the S24 Ultra was outputting at the beach club and sunsets after hours ‒ too good!

But what must be mentioned is the new Galaxy AI capabilities.

The Live Translate tool was essential ‒ never would I have guessed how many locals in Miami didn’t speak English. Three of my Uber drivers alone hit me with “No Hablo Ingles” as soon as I phoned them to see where they were. The ability to translate live on the device during these calls meant I could easily chat and ask for their location, Miami streets are chaotic! 

The Transcript Assist tool also meant the conversation I had with our stylist about Cindy’s cover shoot looks and fashion labels was easily recorded and transcribed. I had the notes ready to go when back home, crediting each shot image on deadline (extra points for the fact it can distinguish between multiple speakers too).


Next up on most memorable mechanisms was the Photo Assist and Circle to Search with Google tools ‒ I simply snapped a picture of the epic shoot venue cottage we were shooting Cindy in front of, literally circled it on the screen and immediately was provided information about the location ‒ including how it was famously used in the TV series Bloodlines and featured actress Chloë Sevigny (a queen). 

To be honest, I found this technology fascinating and used it multiple times throughout the trip ‒ from circling the black YSL high heels on set that I could then instantly shop, to making dinner reservations from merely snapping & circling a unique building in South Beach. This is the future people.

Another shoutout must go to the AI Photo Editing tools ‒ the object eraser meant undesirable objects (I’m looking at you seagulls and half eaten burgers) turned a great pic into a gram-worthy shot. They also boast retroactive portrait mode, reflection removal, auto editing and a whole host of generative transformative tools that make editing an absolute breeze. The Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra was my most trusted companion while in Miami.

I don’t know if I’ll step overseas without it ever again.