Remix Spectre Series: Part 1 with David Trubridge

Following our Innovators Power Lunch at Clooney Restaurant last month, we pinpointed a few of our innovative guests and gave them their very own HP Spectre notebooks.

At 10.4mm in width, the HP Spectre is the world’s thinnest laptop and the perfect companion for busy innovators. Aside from the fact it’s super chic, with beautiful design and craftsmanship, the HP Spectre comes equipped with cutting-edge specs for creative projects.

The first innovator who has been making the most of the HP Spectre is David Trubridge. As the founder and director of David Trubridge Design, David is one of New Zealand’s most innovative furniture designers, with his iconic designs the Body Raft and Coral Light having received notable awards and widespread acclaim.

'At first I was enamored by the look and feel… being a designer I'm very drawn to finish and texture,’ David says about the HP Spectre.

David has been using the laptop in his studio, at design fairs and on his most recent holiday to Aitutaki in the Cook Islands!

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'My bag always has everything I need in it to do what I do; a Moleskin, some German pens, my lunch and now my HP Spectre,’ says David.

'When travelling speaking about my design philosophy, I travel light, taking the minimal needed. My new computer will make the presentations easier.’

As well as his unique designs, David Trubridge is renowned globally for his business’ dedication to sustainability and environmentally enriching practices. He aspires to lead, rather than follow, new green models. This was an important factor for David when considering incorporating the HP Spectre into his business and designs.

David HP2

'When choosing a product to buy I often see what that company is doing in terms of environmental care. My company uses 100% recycled paper in every area we can, and I saw HP does this too, committing to zero deforestation.’

Check out the HP Spectre here