Don’t sweat it, the perfect Sunday is coming…

Does your Sunday evolve around waiting for the dust to clear from the night before just so you can chip away at niggly chores for the remainder of the day to ensure you have a semi decent, productive start to the week? Us too (collective sigh of those not wanting to adult).

Well rise and shine guys and girls because Sweat Shop Brew Kitchen is rescuing your Sunday from the ironing to lunch, hair of the dog and the sunniest deck in town.

And yes you read right, Sweat Shop will literally iron your beloved, clean but crinkled work shirts while you kick back with $20 Tiger jugs and feast on all-you-can-eat pizza and sides for only $25. Your Sunday looks a whole lot brighter doesn’t it? So strike that niggly ironing chore off that list and enjoy a lazy Sunday.


Running at set times between 12pm – 8pm every Sunday - bookings to dine are essential. T&C’s apply – head to for all the finer details