Take a trip around town with Hercules Noble and American Express

New Zealand’s answer to Jaime Oliver hung up his apron and took to the streets to review some of Auckland's tastiest courses at the best eateries with a side dish of retail therapy and errand running on the way. Armed with an American Express Gold Rewards Card in hand, the charismatic chef swiped his way to rewards by simply tapping his card after enjoying a day of delights.

As an adventurous food lover and fashion enthusiast, Hercules’ recent acquisition of the American Express Gold Rewards card has unlocked a realm of extraordinary benefits. Upon signing up and spending $1,500 within the initial three months, a generous $200 cash back awaits. An easy feat with the weekly food bill Hercules front’s as a private chef and the Gold Card being 55 days interest free. 

As a culinary professional, Hercules is no stranger to the isles of grocery stores like Farro. Being rewarded for shopping for work may sound too good to be true, however with every dollar spent using the American Express Gold Rewards Card earns two Membership Rewards points. These points unlock a world of possibilities, including travel rewards that can be used on flights, accommodation and car hire, as well as complimentary travel insurance. For a more tangible option, points can also be redeemed on vouchers for shopping centres, movie tickets, supermarkets, fuel and more.

A day in the city is not complete with a therapeutic spot of shopping. Hercules found himself lured into the brightly-coloured delights of WORLD, a paradise for fun, fashion and home decor. With the American Express Gold Rewards Card's sleek gold or rose gold finish, Hercules felt that it was time for the new card wallet to match his new shopping companion and treated himself using his AMEX card. 

As a lover of trying different cuisines, Ebisu’s fine Japanese fare was first on the Hercules’ menu for lunch. We’re going to let you in on a little secret here… American Express Gold Rewards cardholders are bestowed with two $100 dining credits each year, specifically designed for their carefully curated American Express Dining Collection. Hercules ordered several of Ebisu’s signature dishes and used one of his dining credits to cover the bill.  

To end a stellar day exploring the city, Hercules met the boys at Mr Morris, a beautiful restaurant founded by top chef Michael Meredith who crafts locally-inspired cuisine, for cocktails to desert. The dream of treating friends to a round of drinks and food while declaring, "This one's on me," was no longer an unattainable fantasy. Thanks to Hercules’ American Express Gold Rewards card and his shopping adventures, personal indulgence and shared celebrations had become so much easier and rewarding. Hercules could effortlessly settle the bill using his reward points, by simply selecting "Pay with points" in the AMEX app to cover the cost. To top it off, with Mr Morris being one of the American Express Dining Collection’s restaurants, Hercules found a delightful surprise: when paying with points the meal became 50% off. No cooking required, sharing quality time with friends, and enjoying a meal at half price, the epitome of a win-win. 

Enjoy 2x $100 Dining Credits each year to use at the American Express Dining collection. Earn 2 membership points with every dollar spent that can be redeemed on travel and vouchers. The Amex Gold Rewards Card comes in a sleek metal gold, or rose gold finish. Effortlessly pay with points for purchases or your statement using the convenient AMEX app. When paying with points at an American Express Dining collection restaurant enjoy 50% more value. 55 days interest-free.