This house can be split in two if occupants divorce

The end of a relationship is harrowing as it is, without the added trauma of having to move out of your shared home. That is the idea behind Prenuptial Housing by Amsterdam-based design house Studio OBA, which is designed to split if you and your partner do.

[caption id="attachment_14276" align="alignnone" width="700"]divorceImage: Studio OBA[/caption]

The house will consist of two seperate units that interlock on top of one shared foundation. The dwelling is inspired by Amsterdam's canals and will consist of two halves that can be separated as needed. Each unit will then float on its own.

[caption id="attachment_14275" align="alignnone" width="700"]divorceImage: Studio OBA[/caption]

No word yet on how the interiors of each unit will support the potential split, as the architects are still working on a prototype. For example, will each unit contain a kitchen and a bathroom or will one person be subject to an expensive renovation? 

Feature Image: Universal Studios