The latest plant-based burger is Beyond Beleaf

This burger is Beyond Beleaf. I didn’t even come up with that pun, seriously, that’s what it’s called.

I can’t be sure, but I do believe I was sent to this earth for a sole purpose; to write this very article. I have a few reasons for beleafing this; I am a vegetarian who has eaten meat before so I know what it tastes like (and still eats the occasional chicken I’m sorry), I love burgers, and I work opposite BurgerFuel so know how it stacks up against the other mabur-leagues.


Since day one, offering great vegetarian offerings has been an integral part of BurgerFuel’s brand, which has continued to develop over the years. Coming from some a chick(pea) with experience, they are hands down the best in the business. I mean, the Combustion Tofu, unbeleafable, OK... I’ll stop.


But we are not here to talk about the Combustion Tofu, we are here to talk about the Beyond Beleaf. This 100% vegan plant-based Beyond Burger patty, looks like beef, tastes like beef, but (plot twist) is not beef. This plant-based not-meat bread package is going to change the way you think about vegetarian burgers.


Served in mini size, it’s the perfect side-snack (or for when you feel like a double up, no judgement here). It’s also served with all the classics you’d expect to find in a cheeseburger, like, drum-roll please, CHEESE. And BurgerFuel’s famed aioli - but all vegan! It’s also high in protein and iron, so really you have a lot to gain and nothing to lose from trying this little guy.


We are all veggie for different reasons, and if you’re doing it for the cute furry friends, or the environment, but you still sometimes get a hankering for a beef burger - you’re going to want to get this on your ‘to eat’ list toot sweet because it really is Beyond Beleaf.