The must-see Venice of the Netherlands

Giethoorn is a petite town based in northern Holland known as the 'Venice of the Netherlands', as like Italy's ever-popular floating city, it's is built upon a network of narrow canals. While this magical place looks like a photograph straight out of a storybook, it's actually entirely real.

How this beautiful town has gone unnoticed from the public eye thus far is a mystery - but we're so happy to add this one to the bucket list!


With a population of only 2,600 and very few tourists, Giethoorn is the perfect place to visit on a family holiday, or just to get away from it all. The tranquility and peace is certainly appreciated by the residents, even the town's website says, 'the loudest sound you can normally hear is the quacking of a duck or the noise made by other birds.'

If you're ever in need of a little relaxation or mindfulness; Giethoorn would be a perfect place to choose.


Surprisingly, this charming town can actually be accessed by car from Amsterdam. When you arrive, however, you'll have to ditch the car and hire a boat, as the way to get around in this town is with a punt (a flat-bottomed, square cut boat); the post man even delivers the mail via punt!

With a few delicate b&b's located in the town and friendly locals, you're set for a delicate stay in Giethoorn, Holland.