The podcasts we’re listening to this winter.

Whether you’re commuting, working, travelling overseas or just having a quiet afternoon at home, these Remix podcast recommendations have something for everyone. Let us curate your next queue with everything from thought-provoking discussions, spine-chilling crime, industry secrets and a whole lotta laughs. Grab your ear pods and settle in!


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The New Zealand Makeup Podcast by Sophie Garth 

This podcast is all about empowering makeup artists and beauty entrepreneurs. By sharing insider industry knowledge freely, Sophie is boosting the makeup community and helping enthusiasts level up. Both the podcast and the live events provide the perfect space for building connections, fostering a sense of camaraderie, and learning from one another. 

To wrap up the final episode, The New Zealand Makeup Podcast is having an exciting live event with some special guests on June 29th. You can purchase tickets here

After Work Drinks by Isabelle Truman and Grace O’Neil 

AWD is a twice-weekly (pop)cultural commentary podcast hosted by freelance journalists and magazine editors Isabelle Truman and Grace O'Neill. It covers everything you’ll come across during a doom scroll with intelligent yet hilarious quips setting it aside from the many podcasts with a similar theme. Give this about 3 episodes and you’ll be hooked! it’s chić, impressive and feels like sharing too many glasses of wine between good friends.

Table Manners by Jessie and Lennie Ware 

Listening to Table Manners is the perfect cure for the winter blues, this Jewish mother-daughter duo are hilariously down to earth. Mostly focused on food, family and music they host a wide range of A-list celebrities in their family home and whilst Lennie cooks for them, Jessie conducts an interview. Some notable guests include Paul McCartney, Dan Levy and Dolly Parton (when I say A list, I mean A list!) The pair released a cookbook a few years ago packed to the brim with family recipes often created on the Pod so if you love this, you can immerse yourself even further with the likes of Lennie's Matzo ball soup and her son/Jessie’s brother Sam’s famous banana bread (refer to the episode with David Schwimmer for a hilarious review of this particular one!) 

Every Outfit by Chelsea Fairless and Lauren Garroni 

Every Outfit is a viral podcast where fashion and pop culture collide. Originally created on Instagram to cover the fashion from HBO’s smash hit Sex and the City, it blew up resulting in a book deal (We Sould All Be Mirandas) and soon after a supporting podcast that started as a gabfest about Carrie and morphed into so much more. The iconic duo now discuss everything from fashion to pop culture to politics. Similar to AWD these women are smart, witty and addictive!

RedHanded by Hannah Maguire and Suruthi Bala 

RedHanded is an award-winning true crime podcast offering a weekly dose of murder, wit and WTF. True crime is arguably what got so many of us addicted to podcasts but some of them can be pretty heavy. This pod covers some of the most horrific crimes in history but Hannah and Suruthi are nothing if not respectful, factual and they even manage to poke a bit of fun where appropriate. RedHanded is a two time winner of the British Podcast Awards, if you think you want to dip your toes into a little True Crime but don’t know where to start, this is a great place.

The Business of Fashion Podcast by The Business of Fashion

The Business of Fashion has a global following as an essential daily resource for fashion creatives, executives and entrepreneurs in over 200 countries so it’s no surprise they also make an incredible podcast. If you want something a bit more studious and informative but still focused on clothing and the fashion industry this is the one for you. Recent topics have included ‘Fashion and the Metaverse’ ‘The Rana Plaza Disaster’ and ‘Why Pamela Anderson is Taking Control of Her Own Beauty Story’