“Un-cuffing” season is here: how to navigate the loss of a relationship

As “Hot Girl Summer” approaches we have found ourselves again trying to survive the inevitable annual break-up season. Spring is all about new beginnings; it's a season that represents starting fresh. After months of cold temperatures spent cuddled up with our lovers, the inescapable looming thought of “what if I was single?” haunts us. 

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There is no denying that relationships and “situation-ships” alike have been dropping like dead flies. Whether you are besotted by your beau or you’re just beginning to recognise the red flags in your (not-so) significant other, a breakup could be in the cards for you. So, in case of emergency Remix is here to be your shoulder to cry on and your best friend/therapist to provide guidance for a healthy breakup during this "un-cuffing season”.

If possible, stay friends.


Tiktok star Anna Paul and her (now ex) boyfriend of 8 years - Glen Thomson recently gave us a breakup we never saw coming. But its arrival brought great advice for the masses on remaining friends with your ex. Anna has kept her devout following in the loop, continuing her daily vlogs, even light-heartedly poking fun at her situation by wearing shirts with the phrase “I am a child of divorce”. We can learn from their experience—mutually parting ways, remaining civil and cherishing a close friendship.

Focus on the positives: new beginnings

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Direct your attention to the positives, emphasizing the fresh start that lies ahead. If the breakup has left a bitter aftertaste, making it challenging to stay friends, your best course of action is to focus on the excitement of embracing your newfound single status. 

Allow Yourself to Grieve

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Navigating this breakup season doesn't end with focusing on the positive aspects. It's essential to prioritize your well-being and emotional healing. Just as with any loss, a breakup calls for a period of mourning. Give yourself permission to feel the emotions that come with it—sadness, anger, confusion. Acknowledging and processing these feelings is an integral part of moving forward. Nurture your physical, emotional, and mental well-being through self-care routines. This could include exercise, meditation, binge-watching your favourite shows, or any activity that helps you unwind.

Redefine Your Social Circle

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Breakups can reshape not only your identity but also your social circle. While shared friends and mutual acquaintances might bring a twinge of discomfort, remember that this is an opportunity to reevaluate and redefine your friendships. Strengthen connections with those who have always been there for you, and consider expanding your network. 

As the weather warms and the "Hot Girl Summer" vibes flow, remember that breakups, though challenging, can be transformative. By focusing on positive growth, seeking support, and taking deliberate steps toward healing, you can emerge from this “un-cuffing” season wiser and ready to embrace new beginnings.