Auckland is getting its very own matcha café!

Are there any green tea lovers out there or maybe just anyone who’s always down to try new and exciting things, even if they might be a bit odd? Well, we have news for you, Tsujiri is coming to Auckland! 

You’re probably thinking who are Tsujiri and we're here to tell you, they’re actually a pretty big deal. Originating in Kyoto and spanning back 155 years this funky joint is renowned for serving up the best matcha (basically a fancy green tea) creations. 

With Auckland’s food scene taking off, it wouldn’t surprise us if you might have dabbled with a matcha inspired beverage at your local coffee shop. If you head to Tsujiri, prepare to take your matcha experiences to a whole new level! You’ll be able to feast on matcha inspired soft serves and sundaes, mochi (a Japanese rice cake) and chiffon cakes. 

We hope you’re ready to try out this new eatery in town as it opens its doors very soon at 10 Lorne Street, Auckland.