These out-of-the-box café's are unlike anything you've ever seen before

These incredibly unique, out-of-the-box cafes make even the most routine Monday morning coffee run a totally extraordinary experience. From over-sized pink balloon dogs sitting pride of place in the middle of the sitting area, to swirling patterns covering all surfaces, ordering your trim flat white at one of these bespoke locations is nothing short of inspirational. 

 1. Bar Luce, Milan, Italy
Painted in pastel tones and sealed with a glass ceiling, this surreal café was designed by the talented director, Wes Anderson.

1. Bar luce

 2. Café 27, Beijing, China
Motivated by their organic menu, café 27’s minimalistic interior is lined with wooden planters which help purify the polluted air.

2. cafe 27

 3. Café Ki, Tokyo, Japan
Ki translates into tree in Japanese which explains the inspiration of this minimalistic monochrome café.

3. cafe ki

 4. The Cake, Kiev, Ukraine
With the center piece being a bright pink balloon dog, we can already guess that the food is going to be as good as the aesthetics. On top of that, even the toilets are insta-worthy.

4. the cake

4a. the cake

 5. Mirrors, Gifu, Japan
The name gives it away. During the Cherry Blossom season in Japan, the exterior of the café reflects a garden of these beautiful trees.

5. mirrors


 6. Knoll Ridge Café, Ruapehu, New Zealand
Sitting on the edge of Mt Ruapehu, Knoll Ridge Café’s views could be a windows desktop photo. Because of its isolated location, its materials were put in place by helicopters!

6. knoll ridge cafe

 7. Coastal Café, Kent, England
Washed out brick walls and naked light wires, we love it all. Designed with a Scandinavian influence, this interior is truly ‘goals.’

7. coastal cafe

 8. Logomo Café, Turku, Finland
The inside of this café looks like one big camouflage game, with lines flowing from the walls into the ground and even threading through the furniture. German artist, Tobias Rehberger aimed to create a visually disorientating environment and that he did.

8. logomo cafe

 9. Starbucks Coffee, Dazaifu Tenman-gu, Japan
We didn’t expect Starbucks to make this list, however this is not your average everyday café. More than 2000 wooden batons were used to create this original structure that is like no other.

9. Starbucks

 10. 3rd Wave Kiosk, Torquay, Australia
Neighboring the beach, this rustic looking café is made from corrugated materials, protecting it from the rough seaside weathers.  

10. 3rd wave Kiosk


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